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    What factors restrict the development of carding machine in China


    Carding machine is a kind of common industrial equipment which uses mechanical equipment to process materials. When its energy-saving measures are well done, it can greatly reduce energy consumption. After many years of market research, the company has summarized the following points for energy saving and consumption reduction of carding machine:

    1. Select frequency converter. The frequency converter is an important equipment of carding machine. Choosing the appropriate frequency converter can greatly save electric energy. As we all know, the motor used in the carding machine is usually very large, and it often runs continuously. However, it is necessary to know that the speed required in all stages of material processing is different. After using the frequency converter, the fan speed can be controlled artificially, and the electric energy saved can reach 30%. Therefore, the selection of frequency converter is the first step of energy saving and consumption reduction measures.

    2. Overall thermal insulation of carding machine barrel. The working principle of the carding machine is to send the material into the inside of the machine for heat exchange in the cylinder, so as to achieve the purpose of material processing. From the working principle, we can see the importance of the overall insulation of the carding machine barrel. After the insulation work is done, the heat loss can be greatly reduced, or even reduced to zero, indirectly reducing the energy consumption.

    3. Design hot air distributor. The hot air distributor is an important equipment in the whole carding machine. All hot air must be distributed through the hot air distributor to contact with wet materials. The perfect design of hot air distributor can send hot air into the cylinder to contact with wet materials, which has a direct effect on the drying degree of materials, so that materials can achieve the required effect and reduce unnecessary loss.

    4. Recycle cooling water. The cooling water of the carding machine is mostly used at the fan and pump. The cooling water of these two places can be recycled completely, which can save a lot of water resources. Therefore, it is very important to establish a complete water circulation system.

    5. Select the heat source. Carding machine is a kind of equipment that uses heat energy to dry materials, so choosing a good heat source plays a very important role. Heat sources can be roughly divided into electric heaters, gas burners, fuel burners, coal-fired boilers, etc.

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