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    What is the development prospect of carding machine in China?


    The working efficiency of carding machine is improved with the improvement of carding elements and carding process. In the 1950s, the research on high-speed and strong carding technology improved the production capacity of carding machine. In order to adapt to the requirements of widely used metal clothing and high speed, the carding machine has been generally equipped with doffer speed changing (fast and slow speed) device, which is convenient for operation; self leveling device (see draft self leveling) is used to improve the uneven condition of the weight of the long and short segments of the fiber strip; self shifting cylinder and various safety and process self-stop devices are used to reduce the labor intensity of the workers and increase the suction and removal. The equipment of cotton, flying flowers and dust improves the working environment and reduces yarn defects.

    Modern carding machines continue to develop in the direction of high quality, high yield and low consumption. Because of the small distance between the carding machine needle surface and the higher speed of operation, people pay more attention to improving the machining accuracy of the parts, improving the quality of the needle cloth and ensuring the stability and reliability of the carding function. Under the condition of high speed operation, the safety of needle cloth rolling prevention, cotton suction and dust removal devices need to be further improved. Measures such as additional carding piece, double unit, carding, carding and connection are gradually adopted. In some countries, widening the width, strengthening the carding ability of the main carding part, improving the parts of the carding machine, and improving the ability of clearing the grass and other impurities are listed as the topics in exploration.

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